K&P Consulting, Incorporated (KPCI) provides professional information technology and management personnel to work with you to address your technical and business challenges. Their main objective is to make your company more effective and efficient through the proper use of information technology. KPCI has been providing results-oriented, value-based services… keep reading →
Some older browsers like IE8 and old Android browsers don't support the use of SVG images so its a good idea to detect the support with Modernizer and use a PNG (Portable Network Graphic) as a replacement. Yes, this means for every SVG a companion PNG file will need to… keep reading →
Real-Time Learning Solution's seasoned team of instructional designers, multimedia artists, and technology experts work closely with clients to design effective e-learning solutions that meet their training needs and business objectives. They take pride in the flexibility of their process and in their ability to match their strategies to a client's… keep reading →
The Internet is more than just standalone pages. There is a constant ebb and flow of data being shared and indexed through search engines and social media. Strategic formatting of content allows for a rich representaion of your content in search results and posts on social media including Facebook, Google… keep reading →
A not-for-profit membership organization, the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) brings together the global laboratory community for a common cause: fostering excellence in laboratory medicine. They do so by facilitating a unique process of developing clinical laboratory testing standards based on input from and consensus among industry, government, and… keep reading →