I don't recommend using Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on intranets and websites. In modern web apps they're not the right way to help site visitors find the content they're looking for. FAQs have been used for decades (or if I'm going to be a history pedant, centuries). Back then, they… keep reading →
For over two decades, LearnQuest has been providing complete education solutions for corporations and government organizations that need to train their staff on the latest business skills and Information Technology tools, methodologies and languages. LearnQuest is nationally accredited by ACCET, an IIBA Charter Endorsed Education Provider and partnered with IBM,… keep reading →
There's a common website homepage layout pattern that's en vogue right now, whereby the navigation, primary message (hero), and tentpole services or products lead the way. Our site currently follows this pattern, unapologetically. It's comfortable for visitors, making it easy to find the information in which they're interested. Pages with… keep reading →
A Request for Proposal (or RFP) is a strategy used by clients to find a vendor for providing a service or product. The RFP exercise is typically performed early in the procurement cycle. They're great tools for finding a vendor to sell you a quantifiable product or service, like computers… keep reading →
In the spring of 2013 we set out to define our company culture. We found that companies tend to view their culture in a few distinct ways: something important which should be formalized, a consequence of who you hire and how you lead, or an afterthought. For those who feel… keep reading →