As a designer and developer, one of the most important aspects of a development environment is aesthetic. But it's usually the last thing on which a company focuses when creating a development environment. Luckily there are some great tools out there, at little to no cost, which are extensible and… keep reading →
The strategy for creating a great intranet site is no different than any other website, so long as you take a user-centric approach. Here are some essential considerations for achieving success and driving adoption. Focus your goals on the best interests of the users. An intranet site is uniquely and… keep reading →
Favicons are those tiny images that websites display on browser tabs and in bookmarks, as in the blue Fynydd square icons above. The file favicon.ico sits in the root of your website, and a simple meta tag is used to tell browsers that it's there. <link rel="shortcut… keep reading →
In a previous blog article I talked about our recent migration to Ghost as the publishing platform for our blog. One of the needs we had was for a user experience that was as good as something we'd create for ourselves. So the attention to detail was important. During QA… keep reading →
Some older browsers like IE8 and old Android browsers don't support the use of SVG images so its a good idea to detect the support with Modernizer and use a PNG (Portable Network Graphic) as a replacement. Yes, this means for every SVG a companion PNG file will need to… keep reading →
As is always the case, building a website for your own company is inevitably more difficult and a more lengthy process than ones you build for others. It's personal, right? This was true for our new fynydd.com site as well, but we're really happy with the results. The Process… keep reading →
Sometimes a designer just wants a simple monochrome icon that blends in well with their overall design, and isn't a distraction for the user. I've gathered a list of great monochrome icon sources to ease the burden. There are many resources for monochrome icons, but a lot of them just… keep reading →