dev tips

If you're a macOS/OS X developer and use Terminal utilities like Sass or Compass, I've created a simple way to launch them from bash files without having to manage permissions or even launch the Terminal. It's a real time-saver! Let's take Compass as an example. First, create your Compass… keep reading →
As a designer and developer, one of the most important aspects of a development environment is aesthetic. But it's usually the last thing on which a company focuses when creating a development environment. Luckily there are some great tools out there, at little to no cost, which are extensible and… keep reading →
We work with many different content management systems for various clients. They all cover the basics, and each provides a set of unique features that clients value over those provided by the others. One of the major features a web content management system provides is the ability to manage content.… keep reading →
There's a common website homepage layout pattern that's en vogue right now, whereby the navigation, primary message (hero), and tentpole services or products lead the way. Our site currently follows this pattern, unapologetically. It's comfortable for visitors, making it easy to find the information in which they're interested. Pages with… keep reading →