There are many ways for children to get into trouble online, even at home; your cable box, console gaming systems, desktop computers, social networks, personal behavior, and more. But this article will focus specifically on locking down iOS 9 or later devices. We'll cover some of the other vectors in… keep reading →
As an iOS developer I have to admit to being conflicted about using Apple's new programming language, Swift. It looks really great, but it's a big time investment to squeeze into an already busy schedule. I'm sure Objective-C will be around for a long time (unfortunately?), so there's no rush.… keep reading →
One of the banes of a web developer's existence is browser testing. Mobile browser testing is not only tedious and awkward, it presents a unique problem: access. Even though there are currently two dominant mobile platforms (iOS and Android) whose web browsers are based on Webkit, it's still nearly impossible… keep reading →