This recipe is not only my favorite Indian preparation. It's also my favorite chicken recipe. And I think you'll want to lick your plate clean before getting a second helping. It's THAT good. This is a kid-friendly meal, provided you adjust the heat to their taste. My youngest has been… keep reading →
This recipe is a classic Indian chicken and tomato cream sauce dish that has wide appeal to North American palates. If you are a hungry programmer like myself, you will probably eat at least 2-3 servings of this in one sitting. It is very tasty. Primary Ingredients 3 boneless skinless… keep reading →

Cold Brew Coffee FTW

Drinking coffee in our business is almost muscle memory. The first thought after waking is usually about "coffee". And as we explore the world of coffee through the lens of cartridges (like Keurig and Tassimo single cup brewers), we begin to realize just how much we're missing. They may not… keep reading →