Blogging and the Internet seem to go hand-in-hand, so it's only fitting that Microsoft should include a ready-made blogging app as part of SharePoint. It includes most of the things you would expect of a blogging app, but there are some areas where it falls short. How a SharePoint blog… keep reading →
Favicons are those tiny images that websites display on browser tabs and in bookmarks, as in the blue Fynydd square icons above. The file favicon.ico sits in the root of your website, and a simple meta tag is used to tell browsers that it's there. <link rel="shortcut… keep reading →
One of the banes of a web developer's existence is browser testing. Mobile browser testing is not only tedious and awkward, it presents a unique problem: access. Even though there are currently two dominant mobile platforms (iOS and Android) whose web browsers are based on Webkit, it's still nearly impossible… keep reading →
If you're having issues with the TinyMCE rich text editor in Umbraco, which is used by default for the richtext data type, then a simple update may resolve your problems. I was prompted to look into this due to an odd bug where users of Safari on Mac couldn't paste… keep reading →